Vibrato A1 is our company’s first Alto.
The main tube , bell and neck are
made of Bayer’s Bayblend which is a
blend of polycarbonate and ABS.
The ABS particle gives elasticity and
flexibility, while the polycarbonate
provides the required resonance
for the instrument. With the right
mixtureof ABS our Vibrato A1 has
a vintage character that is a dark
and warm sound that is hard to find
in modern saxophones nowadays.
Yet Vibrato A1 is suitable for young
children and is ideal as their first
saxophone due to its super
lightweight - approximately 850
grams - and further it is believed to
be the lightest fully functional alto
saxophone available in the world
today. The self-leveling silicone pads
used on Vibrato A1 and all Vibrato
saxophones are non-toxic and soft
to ensure the perfect seal on every
tone hole. These pads are very
reliable, yet are most user friendly
when it comes to DIY (do it yourself)
replacement which is important
concept of the design.